Thurston Benchmark


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USGS marker at top of Thurston Peak, formerly known as North Francis on old USGS maps


From the USGS data sheet I get the following information:
 MR0701  PID         -  MR0701
 MR0701  USGS QUAD   -  PETERSON (1991)
 MR0701                         *CURRENT SURVEY CONTROL
 MR0701  ___________________________________________________________________
 MR0701* NAD 83(1994)-  41 04 55.09590(N)    111 51 05.67452(W)     ADJUSTED  
 MR0701* NAVD 88     -      2959.68   (+/-2cm)    9710.2    (feet)  VERTCON   
 MR0701  ___________________________________________________________________

Unfortunately, I didn't have the datum set correctly to make it easy to see how accurate the GPSR was by looking at the photo. I did however save 4 waypoints at this location. When looking at the data from the saved waypoints vs. the downloaded one from, it shows the saved waypoints being off by anywhere from 16.7 feet to 18.4 feet. As you can see from the photo, I hadn't given the receiver time to get a good WAAS solution, but overall I'd say the accuracy was great with all readings being closer than about 6 meters.

To download the raw data to view in EasyGPS, or any of the other topografix programs use the right click save as option of your browser:

Benchmark data